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Below you can find a short introduction. If you already have that info, please just scroll right to the bottom of this page to send us a message.

You have probably already learned that Ratas&Kohv is symbioses of cafe and bicycle business. The café is a logical continuation and extension of Rattaraad OÜ, a bike repair shop that has been operating for over 15 years, where the old is valued for the renewal.

The cafe has its place for bikes, their quick repair (more serious work is done in the renovation workshop in the same building), art, delicious coffee and pastries, and good music, stand-up comedy events and TED-talk kind of discussion events.

It is located close by to center of Tallinn - just across the road where you have the old Hippodrome gates. The venue has a seating for 75 people on a 100 m2 floor area. The stage that you can see in the video is extendable and fits up to 5 member band or group. Might be tight for theater but suits great for mono performance / standups or smaller music groups. The atmosphere is cozy and rather intimate with the audience. We have also a nice backstage area for the performers where they can get ready and wait for the performance to start.

Here are some photos about our venue: gallery

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